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Prophetic Intensive Training (P.I.T.)


What is the P.I.T. ? 


A 3-month intensive training for any believer which helps you to master the prophetic. This training includes fasting from Monday through Wednesday each week, either water, liquid, or Daniel fast, according to your needs. Assignments will be given out weekly via email and text. There will be training sessions each Sunday from January 22 - March 26, 2017 at 7pm to 8pm CST via our online conference room, Startmeeting. In addition, there will be two live events to exercise the prophetic for those local to Tulsa; non-locals can join the event via livestream. Those dates will be Friday, February 10th and Friday, March 10th at 7pm and will be held at IOMTC. Corporate prayer will be held each Wednesday at 6pm at IOMTC;  non-locals are invited to join us via livestream. 

What can I expect from It? 
You can expect an increase in prophetic movement in your life; a greater accuracy in hearing the voice of God; the architecture of prophecy; ability to correctly divide what you are sensing, hearing, and receiving from the spirit realm; principles to adhere to when giving a prophetic word; an understanding of the ways God delivers messages to His people; unparalleled mental and spiritual expansion on a continental level; and accountability through the most weight bearing component of your ministry development.

What is the duration of PIT?
PIT is from January 22nd - March 26th.

What is the Cost?

The honorary gift is $300 (which includes your spouse for commensurate growth) towards your prophetic ministry development. You may have the ability to do less or more, but it must be sacrificial, which is part of prophetic sacrifice.


How do I give my honorary gift?

You can make your honorary gift by using the Pushpay App Click here or on the IOMTC Website.



More Questions?

Contact Miss Laura (918) 574-1698 or email at


Please sign up below  if you are ready to join. You will receive further instructions, information, and details in the upcoming days 

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