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Pastor Howard Hatcher is the Senior Pastor of Leaders Church Int'l (formerly IOMTC) in Tulsa, OK.  Pastor Hatcher has a wide and diverse background in ministry and he works to present an Open Heaven and Power and Purpose message to people all over the world.


Pastor Hatcher has worked with the Bureau of Prisons and is the founder of Color Free America (Free from Color Bias), an international reconciliation program. His work has been sent by Wichita State University to colleges in thirteen countries as well as being utilized in the United States public school system and educational systems in South Africa.   Mr. Hatcher also serves as a Business Consultant and lecturer for colleges, high schools, business organizations, and public events both civic and private, including a previous appointment by the Kansas Governor to a state commissioned task force.


Pastor Hatcher is accessible, real and known for his pragmatic views and open heart. He is a dedicated family man who has been married for over 25 years to Pastor Cindy Hatcher and they have a beautiful family together.


Pastor Hatcher and the church family cannot wait to meet you!



Pastor Cindy is a powerful and dynamic fire-filled preacher of the Word!  She loves to lead worship of our Lord in prophetic flow services. She leads, serves, and loves with all of her heart, soul, and might! We appreciate her leadership.

We are honored to have Ministers Felix and Shirley Ilab as a  part of our ministry team and staff.


They are the founders of Island Wind Ministry which primarily focuses on ministry to Islanders and peoples from the Micronesian Islands and Palau.



As Felix and Shirley travel across the United States ministering the word of God, focusing on Pacific Islanders and whoever will receive the word of God, they have seen hundreds of lives saved, delivered, changed, and healed by the power of God!

Laura Charles serves as Administrator and is an integral part of everything that happens in the ministry.  Laura's professional portfolio is rich with depth and experience that not only qualified her for her position in this ministry, but also gave her credibility as a consultant in helping to set the ministry on course for future growth and integrous systems based on honor and integrity.  With a heart for the Lord and a love for His word she serves as unto the Lord!

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