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IOMTC Small Connect Groups


Want to be connected with people like-minded and build friendships with people that have similar goals? 


IOMTC CONNECT is an opportunity for you! 

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Uniquely You! 


‘Life Coaching, Navigating from Dream to Destiny’

A unique mentorship program of real women serving the next generation of girls on purpose.


*Educating the next generation on purpose.*

We Celebrate and Promote the Strength of Character, Virtue, and Honor!



To teach growing girls to embrace their unique identity while being equipped and empowered through education, training, and mentorship with the tools necessary for success in every aspect of life.



Ages 9 to 18, Uniquely You girls express their God given beauty, dignity, and strength by living above the standards of commercialized media and advertisement. They value themselves for more than a pretty face, stylish clothes, and cute accessories. They understand the most important standards in life come from within. Uniquely You girls are empowered with strength that comes from making good choices and standing up for what is right.

Group Name : Girlfriend Talk

Vision: IOMTC women joining together to strengthen each other in our faith towards God and inspire and encourage one another in our journey.

Ages: 18 and up (Women Only)

When we Meet: The Last Sunday of the Month at 5pm from April until August, We also have impromptu fellowships during the months we don't regularly meet

Meetings include teaching and practical application on topics such as personal relationship with God, family, marriage, health and wellness, prayer, evangelism, and lots more!

We want to equip and encourage our Women of God to live a victorious Christian life, to stay involved, and to mentor the next generation. Hope to see YOU there!

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